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About TGG

Hi and welcome to TGG. Here's a little more about how it came about ..

I started out as a florist doing retail and weddings based on the edge of Essex and Suffolk and I soon realised that I loved garlands and thought every bride, event or party wasn't complete without one appearing somewhere! I spent more time making garlands than anything else...

I started to get asked for garlands and I decided that I wanted to create a platform just for florists to try and ease some stress that the wedding season can bring.

It seems to have grown by word of mouth which is great and now we have a small team of garland markers and send our garlands out nation wide.

I really want to keep things simple and accessible to florists that wish to use the service, I've never wanted a flash all singing and dancing website or heavily branded boxes, just a system that is easy for all to use and boxes that do the job!

I'm a huge fan of the world we live in and recycle as much as we can, we re-use boxes and packaging and use as much of our own foliage as possible.

I want to support the florist industry and it's so important to me to protect this little bubble, hence we ask for our images not to be used on social media or our prices not to be published this needs to stay a site just for florists. We are a small team that loves what we do, and we work really hard to send you out the best garlands!

We really appreciate all the support our registered florists give us, and using UK based suppliers like TGG.

Lastly- please please do get in touch if you require something that we have not listed on the site, we are always more than happy to come up with a creation that is going to work for you.

Thanks for registering with TGG.

Jules x